Empowering Voices.

Igniting Imaginations.

Each person, each child, possesses within him or herself a force – a power so great it can change lives and move mountains – and that force is their uniqueness. Our job is to harness that untapped power – to inspire and empower kids to be who they are. To use their voice. To allow their imagination and creativity to flow in such a way that they have the confidence and courage to be exactly who they have been put on this earth to be. And to tell – and write – their unique story.


Archer C., Age 7

We provide a structured and caring writing opportunity for students to participate in a week-long camp or eight-week after-school enrichment program experience in which they’ll become an author of their very own book. We want each student to leave our program feeling accomplished and proud and empowered to continue using their voice for positive change in the world.

Our curriculum has been designed by a certified and credentialed teacher with a Masters in Education to ensure that each Little Author is given the proper tools to create their literary masterpiece.

Little Authors Academy™ is a program we are truly proud to bring to you and your children.  We look forward to connecting with you! 


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